Riset dan Pengembangan/R&D

The R&D aspect of the NMT institute is based upon the creation of clinicial experiences and controlled treatment trials leading to research projects that eventually modify how we treat our patients. A good idea is not enough – it has to be substantiated using correct and precise treatment methodology. The role of the NMT Institute is to create correct and duplicable training which is the basis to all continuing education and the primary objective to all training in medicine. Our role is to ensure that the NMT Know-How created over the last 20 years becomes solid and reproducible medical intellegence.Evidence based medicine NMT publications: During 2017 various research articles were published and many of them requires important particular attention.Towards the end of each academic year there are many university thesis presented and some are developed into research publications. It is our strong intention to sustain research and development together with the tertiary university system.
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