Our philosophy is based on the use of “Clear and comprehensive educational programs” capable of offering NeuroMuscular Taping as a flexible technique that can be integrated with all rehabilitative therapies. NeuroMuscular Taping is a treatment therapy developed in Italy, used successfully in hospitals, clinics and private studies and is recognized and used as a supportive therapy in medical rehabilitation. The NMT System is capable of guaranteeing tangible results, clinically proven and scientifically approved treatment protocols.NMT underlying spirit: all of us who work in medicine strive to improve our treatment approach to enhance the healing process and improve our patients quality of life notwithstanding sometimes very difficult circumstances. NMT is about real day-to-day clinical medicine and rehabilitation and all who are involved in NMT medical training do so from this bottom up approach. Training and research that modifies the way we see, percieve and eventual treat diseases and conditions.All NMT activities are financed solely by tuition fees and NMT book royalities. NMT Institute and David Blow personally is actively financing directly many projects and creation of new training collaborations in many parts of the world.
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