The history of bandages with therapeutic purposes dates back to the times of the Greeks and Romans with the well-known song of the Iliad where Achilles bandages the arm and the wounds of Patroclus. It is defined as bandaging or application of tape or bands stretched over a traumatized area to limit hemorrhage to the damaged area and encourage the first stages of healing. The NMT Concept is derived from a rehabilitation objective where in key is decompression and dilation. Over the last thirty years, various techniques of elastic bandage and taping have been developed in different parts of the world, but the origin of these methods always remains the compression of the various parts of the body.

These taping techniques involve the application of a elastic adhesive tape, with different tension levels, but always giving a compressive stimulus which are used especially in sporting treatment area.

Beginning in 2000 and consolidated during 2003 David Blow, in Italy, created the “NMT Know-How” and the “Intellectual Property – NMT“ together with the development of both the NMT concept and the NMT Institute. The Institute plays a key role in the management of precise training and in the development of specific protocols for pathologies and conditions requiring treatment. Since its creation, the NMT Institute is a benchmark for specific innovative training programs and for its involvement in numerous volunteer initiatives in various parts of the world. Through correct training the NMT Know-How is passed on to health care professionals while in collaboration with tertiary education institutions the NMT intellectual property can be shared to all.
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