NeuroMuscular Taping Lymphatic Treatment

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Several textbooks have been written on the applications of NeuroMuscular Taping and its particular methodology and are used to provide a series of reference points and guidance in support of vocational professional training. The texts are written as an educational support and are not intended to be replaced by training provided in special NMT training courses. Reducing the entire training procedure to read-only literature is reductive and will not guarantee any learning process. Consequently NMT methodology and therapeutic KNOW HOW is passed on in face to face teaching modules to ensure correct treatment manual skills and creating good treatment practice.

NMT Professional training is a purely hands on activity and is not independent from face to face didactic learning experiences. The NMT Institute can only guarantee good practice by attending our training courses.

NeuroMuscular Taping Lymphatic Treatment

The development of NeuroMuscular Taping and precisely the LinfoTaping, in recent decades, has given an answer to the search for a new methodology in rehabilitation medicine. The creation of a system of clear, methodical and pragmatic rehabilitation, with verifiable results to promote the therapeutic response, is a goal for every professional of physical rehabilitation. The use of Neuromuscular Taping offers the practitioner and physiotherapist a new, innovative and non-pharmacological approach that goes to the root of each pathology treating both the cause and the symptoms. A elastic tape is applied with specific and precise methodology, producing a dilatatoria and biomechanical action with the aim of increasing the healing capacity.

Since 2003 David Blow, Australian, develops the concept of decompression technique with eccentric stimulation (opposite of concentric) with dilatatorio result on body tissues. This action of neuromuscular taping is the fundamental and particular characteristic that differentiates it from other types of taping and bandaging. A new method of application and a different clinical reasoning are the basis of this innovative rehabilitative technique used specifically in the field of vascularization and drainage in the treatment of mixed congestions, Edemas, hematomas and scars Injuries and postsurgical procedures.

The methodology of Neuromuscular Taping (NMTConcept) is a biomechanical therapy that uses decompression stimuli and, in some situations, compressive to obtain beneficial effects on musculoskeletal, vascular, lymphatic and neurological systems, With clinical and rehabilitative purposes. With the application of tapes are formed skin replication during body movement facilitating lymphatic drainage, promote blood vascularity, reduce pain, improve the Range of movement muscoloarticolare favoring the coordination of posture.
Focusing his attention on several clinical pictures (from acute, postacute and functional) during the different stages of rehabilitation, David Blow has created a simple and highly functional methodology for optimizing results during Rehabilitation treatments.

NMTConcept offers practitioners of medicine and rehabilitation a more resource to improve the response of the subject, reducing the time of rehabilitation and improving the quality of life of the subject in recovery. Neuromuscular Taping is a system of therapeutic rehabilitation based on patient evaluation with clear therapeutic objectives that can be modified during patient recovery. Only experienced practitioners in the science of rehabilitation can correctly apply neuromuscular Taping to achieve maximum results. We can say that the NMTConcept is an extension of the hands of the physician and the therapist who work on the patient 24 hours a day.

The neuromuscular Taping is a non-invasive and non-pharmacological technique that, through the application of an adhesive tape and elastic with special mechanical-elastic characteristics, offers a mechanical stimulation able to create dilation and space in Fabrics; Promote cellular metabolism, activate the natural healing capacity of the body and normalize the neuromuscular proprioception.

For this reason in recent years the neuromuscular Taping applied specifically for drainage purposes and to improve blood circulation has achieved important results in the postsurgical orthopedic rehabilitation, neurological of the cerebral stroke, in Spinal trauma and in other degenerative trauma, lymphatic and neurological pathologies.

The high level of the results means that the neuromuscular Taping in the area of the drainage treatment of scars and edemas and hematomas is at the forefront of the new therapeutic techniques.

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